Thursday, August 26, 2021

New Jazz Music From Guitarist Gaetano Letizia and Trumpeter Kerry Moffit

Jazz guitarist/composer Gaetano Letizia recently released his new studio jazz quintet album "Chartreuse." This is Gaetano's 11th album as a band leader and this new set of songs (which were recorded in March 2021), allows you to full appreciate his talents, both as a leader and as a performer. The album begins with the title track "Chartreause" which is a perfect nine-minute introduction to the quintet, as Gaetano takes the first solo piece, before the rest of the band follows suit. The mood of the music shifts slightly to a samba, as the rhythmic pace allows for the elegant strumming of Gaetano's acoustic guitar. The energy picks right back up with the swinging tempo of "Black & Blue," before the graceful ballad "Paradise Found" comes swooping in to take all your troubles away. Gaetano's finger-picking skills are on point with the positive island vibes of "Blue Ionosphere." He and his quintet finish off the album with the funk-infused sounds of "Punch Drunk" and the smoky jazz club feel of the album closer "Orange Sunset," which is filled to the brim with great solos. To find out more about Gaetano Letizia and his new quintet led album "Chartreuse," please visit

After more than 40 years in the music industry, jazz trumpeter/composer Kerry Moffit thought it was about time to release his own solo album titled "What Goes Around Comes Around." Kerry has been featured on over 70 albums as a sideman and was also a member of the US Air Force Band for nearly 25 years. Now with his own band, Turning Circles behind him, Kerry lets his talents fly on this new eight-track release. The album introduces you to Kerry's stellar work on the trumpet with the upbeat, opening number "This I Dig Of You." He keeps the energy flowing with "Free For All," which allows his bandmates to showcase their stuff, including drummer Ian LeVine. The music extends past the nine-minute mark on the steady waltz of "Katrina Ballerina," before slowing everything down for the fragile, vulnerable sounds of the ballad "Life, Love, Loss." Kerry Moffit and Turning Circles wrap up the album with the loose performance of "10-4 Jam" and the graceful touch of "But Beautiful." To find out more about Kerry Moffit and his band, Turning Circles, and their new album "What Goes Around Comes Around," please visit

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