Sunday, August 22, 2021

New Music From Bernardo Lanzetti, The Livesays and TectonicBeats

Italian musician/vocalist Bernardo Lanzetti returns after ten years with his new solo album titled "Horizontal Rain." This album has been a few years in the making, with Lanzetti inviting some special guests to help with the recordings of his new set of songs. He begins his new album with the progressive rock assault of "Walk Away," which features legendary rock violinist David Cross (King Crimson) and bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder). The album continues with the distinct bass work of Tony Levin (King Crimson) on "Heck Jack," as the song explodes with a stellar guitar solo. The rhythm of "Genial" makes the album more funky, along with some great guitar work provided by Marco Colombo and Andrea Cervetto. The album finishes with the emotional ballad "Conventional," as well as the only Italian sung track "Ero un num Ero," along with the operatic choir highlight of "Different." To find out more about Bernardo Lanzetti and his latest release "Horizontal Rain," please visit

Guitarist and vocalist Billy Livesay, formally of the Clarence Clemons Band, is ready to release a new album titled "Not What I Bargained For" with his band, The Livesays. This new album was part of the writing sessions that also produced their 2020 album "The Rhythm Of Love And Disfunction." This new set of twelve tracks, begins with the up-tempo, straight-up rocker "Two Sides," which draws upon the news of the day. The return of pianist Timothy Murphy is highlighted with a solo in the song "What I Bargained For," while new drummer Howard Goldberg keeps the music on pace during "Hold Me" and "Better Angels." Billy's songwriting shines on the storytelling acoustic ballad "In A Small Town" and the burning slow blues of "In Troubled Times." The Livesays wrap up their new album with the stellar harmonies of "Can't Stop The Talkin'" and the reflection of "Crazy Isn't It." To find out more about The Livesays and their latest release "Not What I Bargained For," please visit

Let's shift gears for the latest release from American composer Will Carney, who recently released a series of singles as the artist, TectonicBeats. These singles will be collected and released as a new six track EP titled "Nightingale." Just prior to the pandemic, TectonicBeats relocated from Los Angeles to Arizona and begin working with Australian singer BrookInn. These sessions created three songs, "Nightingale," "Rosemary" and "Exemplar," which have their finger on the pulse of today's pop music. The other three tracks featured on this release are the instrumental versions of those songs, which highlights the talents of composer/producer TectonicBeates. To find out more about this latest set of music from TectonicBeats, please visit

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