Sunday, August 8, 2021

Open Yourself Up To New Music From Independent Artists The Poppermost and The Mangoes

At the end of July, Think Like A Key Music unveiled the debut album from the one-man "Beat Group," The Poppermost. The new album titled "Hits To Spare" features fourteen tracks that sound straight from the sixties British-invasion, beginning with the swinging, up-beat melodies of "Egg And Chips" and "Yes Its True." There is definite inspiration from The Beatles and Herman's Hermits, as Joe Kane (The Poppermost) delivers an undeniable flashback with his iconic sixties sound. Songs like "Can't Take That Away" and "Goodnight Georgia Peach" is filled to the brim with energy, as you are transported to a simpler era in rock and roll. The only time he slow down is for the beautifully sweet ballad "Get It Down," while "Park And Ride" sounds straight from the vein of The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride." The Poppermost finishes his new album with the masterful harmonies of "What A Wonderful Love" and the addictive pop energy of "Well I Will." To find out more about The Poppermost and their latest release "Hits To Spare," please visit

Pop-rock duo The Mangoes recently released a new eight-song EP titled "Pale Blue Dot." After forming in 2014 and rushing into the studio to record their self-titled debut album, band members Tim Morse and Bret Bingham went on a short break to record solo albums. Well, fast-forward nearly five years and the two have reformed for some new music beginning with the upbeat, fun of the title track "Pale Blue Dot" and the more meaningful alternative rock approach of "Mystery." The Mangoes take a step toward the blues with "When The Sky Fell Down," while they work out the perfect melody for the raw buzzing guitars of "Hypnotize!." The duo finish off their short new EP with a modernized, psychedelic version of The Beatles' "Free As A Bird." To find out more about The Mangoes and their latest release "Pale Blue Dot," please visit

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