Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Watershed Band Bring In Their Own "Sunshine" To Their Debut Album

Brothers Tom and Leon Kafafian have been come to be known at The Watershed Band and they recently released their debut album "Sunshine" on July 30th via No Reverse Records. It features a full, fifteen tracks, beginning with the steady, up-beat rhythms and sweet, unblemished harmonies of "Someday." The Watershed Band continue with the honest, yet fragile, poetic touch of "Bluebird" and the darker, simmering melody of "Did It Again," which keeps the song on pace without veering off its musical path. The duo finally explode with a moment of emotion-fueled rock during "Marcie," before returning to the safe, alternative-pop of "Fire Catcher." Tom and Leon's voices are the true stars of this album, with the wonderful harmonies of "Float Tank" and "True," as they sing from the heart, pouring their love into their music. The Watershed Band finish up their new album with the graceful touch of "King Of Spades" and the cute, quick acoustics of "Sugar In My Tea," which I wish there was more "sugar" spread throughout the album. To find out more about The Watershed Band and their latest release "Sunshine," please visit

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