Sunday, August 15, 2021

Tony Kaye Delivers 9/11 Inspired Album "End Of Innocence" & The Far Cry Ask "If Only" On New Album

Legendary keyboardist Tony Kaye is one of the founding members of the progressive rock band, YES and he is preparing to release his new solo album "End Of Innocence" on September 10 via Spirit Of Unicorn Music through Cherry Red Records. This is Kaye's debut solo release (since retiring from music in 1996) and will co-inside with the 20th anniversary of 9/11, in which many Americans lost their innocence in this world. The new sixteen-song release begins with the angelic vocals of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," which gets interrupted by the crash of thunder. Kaye creates the "911 Overture" out of the moving images that he witnessed and the emotion he felt immediately following the horrific event. The energy and tempo pick up with the electronic beats of "Battle Cry," along with the progressive nature of "285 Fulton Street." The hectic drum solo by Jay Schellen (YES) sets the stage of the struggle and chaos that must have gone on during "Flight 11." Tony Kaye's keyboard work during "Towers Fall" lay down the perfect soundtrack for the frightful wonder and awe of what was happening on that fateful day. Singer Dani Torchia lends her vocals talents to the gentle ballad "Sweetest Dreams," before Kaye finishes his new album with the inspirational sounds of "Heroes" and the look toward a better future with the uplifting notes of "Ground Zero." To find out more about Tony Kaye's latest release "End Of Innocence," please visit

Another band that also recently released their debut album is progressive rock newcomers, The Far Cry. Their album "If Only" is also inspired by the progressive rock giants of the seventies, like YES, King Crimson and Genesis. The band members musical pasts date back to the late seventies and early-eighties, as part of some cover bands, along with the Connecticut progressive rock band, Holding Pattern. Now, new seeds have been planted for The Far Cry to succeed with this new eight-song release, which begins with the eleven-plus minute epic opener "The Mask Of Deception," as the band's intense musical intuition takes charge of the song. The band's sound gets even funkier with the keyboards and up-tempo rhythm of "Programophone," before settling back into the more graceful delivery of the thirteen-minute sonic adventure of "Simple Pleasures." The Far Cry close out their new album with the full display of musical talents and songwriting during the amazing title-track "If Only," along with the closing instrumental ballad "Dream Dancer." To find out more about The Far Cry and their latest release "If Only," please visit

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