Monday, September 20, 2021

New Jazz Releases From Steve Million, Susan Krebs, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Ray Obiedo and Roseanna Vitro

Just last month, jazz pianist Steve Million released his latest album titled "Jazz Words." It features eight contemporary jazz pieces, featuring vocals by Sarah Marie Young, beginning with the swinging rhythm of the lively opener "Heavens To Monkitroid," Million's tribute to the great Thelonious Monk. The energy continues to flow through "Missing Page," which is highlighted by Young's stellar vocal range. Steve Million adds a sort of bebop feel to "Nika's Changes," before finishing with a great sax solo on "Loss" by Jim Gailloreto and the mellow, graceful touch of "The Way Home." To find out more about Steve Million and his latest release "Jazz Words," please visit

At the beginning of September, vocalist Susan Krebs released her 8th studio album, "Daybreak." Although Susan is used to a smaller band ensemble, the pandemic forced her to record this album remotely with each member of the 7-piece band working from their own home studio. The process was slow, but the result is this new seven-song set, which starts off with Susan singing acapella, before the rest of the band join in on "Can't Get Out Of This Mood," a relaxed, mellow opener. She keeps things on the quieter side with the beautiful ballad "Inside A Silent Tear," before closing out her new album with the soaring vocals of "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" and a reimagined version of the jazz standard "Stardust," in which Susan makes it all her own. To find out more about Susan Krebs and her latest release "Daybreak," please visit

Fellow vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia recently released her 14th studio album titled "Social Anthems Vol. 1." It features only six tracks (5 cover songs and 1 original), as Cathy lends her vocal talents to a set of songs that have a special message to people in today's crazy world. She starts off taking Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and add her own special jazz spin to the melody, making the words and message stand out front to take notice. She adds a sweet, soulful melody to the original plea of "What Are We Gonna Do" and lets her voice soar sweetly on the Billy Joel classic "On So It Goes," along with special guest harmonica/vocalist, Paul Jost. Cathy Segal-Garcia closes out her new album with a pair of epic pieces, the combination medley of The Youngbloods' "Get Together" and Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home," along with the bluesy finish of Marvin Gaye's "Save The Children," featuring vocal contributions from Mon David. To find out more about Cathy Segal-Garcia and her latest release "Social Anthems Vol. 1," please visit

Jazz guitarist Ray Obiedo returns September 24th with volume two of his "Latin Jazz Project," which began in 2016 with volume one. This new set of songs includes seven originals written by Obiedo and one from the classic Latin rock group, El Chicano. The album begins with the up-and-down melody of "Still Life" and the high-energy salsa-swagger of "Criss Cross," featuring the great Sheila E. on congas. Next, Ray brings to down to the islands with the beach-vibe of "Santa Lucia," before paying tribute to one of his influences with smooth, soulful deliver of "Belafonte." Ray wraps up his new album with the steady pace of "Viva Tirado" and the laid-back, relaxed feel of "Big World." To find out more about Ray Obiedo and his latest release "Latin Jazz Project, Vol. 2," please visit

We finish with jazz vocalist Roseanna Vitro teaming up with Sheila Jordan, Bob Dorough and Marion Cowings on their tribute to the late, great Charlie Parker with "Sing A Song A Bird." This new twelve-song release begins with the wonderful, swinging vibe of "People Chase" and the nostalgic tone of "The Scatter." Marion Cowings big voice takes over "Parker's Mood" and Bob Dorough sings along to the blues tempo of "Audubon's New Bluebird," to showcase the different styles. Shelia Jordan takes a step back for the mellow run of "Quasimodo," before Roseanna Vitro finishes the album off with a wonderful cover of Charlie Parker's "Yardbird Suite" and the elegant closer "These Foolish Things." To find out more about Roseanna Vitro and her latest release "Sing A Song A Bird," please visit

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