Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Get Into The Blues With Al Basile & Discover The Folk-Stylings Of RanchWriters

Eight-time Blues Music Awards nominee Al Basile will return September 17th with a brand new album titled "B's Testimony." It will be released through Sweetspot Records and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the nostalgic tone of "Lucky Man," which finds Al bringing back his bigger band sound compared to the stripped-down trio of his last album. The album continues with the sweet, slow blues licks of "Don't Kid Yourself Baby," as Al's experienced vocals fit the song's motif perfectly. The energy picks up with the blazing guitar riffs of "If All It Took Was Wishing" and the stellar horn solo of "Up Close And Personal Best." Singer, Shy Perry lends her vocal talents to the meaningful, swaying rhythm of the R&B flavored "One Day At A Time," before bringing on the classic blues-style of "I Ought To Be Your Monkey." Al wraps up his new album with the funk-infused blues romp of "Through Thick And Thin" and the iconic sounds of "He Said, She Said," as the band fires on all cylinders. To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "B's Testimony," please visit

Switching gears, we head north for the latest release from Canadian multi-platinum selling artists Barney Bentall and Geoffrey Kelly, who are preparing the unveiling of their latest collaboration, RanchWriters on September 17th, through True North Records. This new twelve track release takes you back to a simpler sound when all you needed was a couple acoustic guitars and a magical melody that simply floats on by. The album begins with the wonderful picking of the strings on "Chilcoutin" and the beautiful, graceful touch of "Marble Canyon Rag." The album continues with the soft acoustics of "Danrow Flats," before adding a few more strings into the mix with the worldly sounds of "Big Turk" and the folk/blues melody of "Upstairs Downstairs (For Penny)." The wonderfully peaceful flow of "Black Tusk" will certainly wash away your worries, while "Earl's Taxi" closes out the album with a nostalgic stomp rhythm and purposeful strumming of the strings. To find out more about the RanchWriters self-titled debut album, please visit

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