Saturday, September 4, 2021

Metal Blade Records Unleashes New Music From Portrait, Tuesday The Sky and Criminal

Swedish metal band, Portrait recently released their new studio album "At One With None" through Metal Blade Records. It the band's first release of new music in four years and features some epic tracks, like the eight-minute lead-off of "At One With None," which carries a modern day metal vibe that draws influence from some of the best aspects of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Portrait keep the nostalgia flowing through the classic metal appeal of "Phantom Fathomer," which keeps a stead pace without biting off more than necessary. The band's solid musicianship his present on the nine-minute, chugging pace of "Ashen," before quickening up the tempo with the high-powered assault of "A Murder Of Crows." Portrait finish their new album with the bashing rhythm of "Shadowless" and the soft-build up of their most progressive metal anthem "The Gallow's Crossing." To find out more about Portrait and their latest release "At One With None," please visit

Also recently released from Metal Blade Records is the latest offshoot from Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos titled "The Blue Horizon" from his band, Tuesday The Sky. The new 11-track release begins with the soft strumming of "Half Remembered" and the emotional fueled instrumental "Near Light." Matheos lightens up the mood with the floating melody of "Where The Enemy Sleeps," before picking up the tempo with the experimental time signatures of "Hypneurotic." Tuesday The Sky take you on a sonic journey with the subtle instrumental shifts of "Later, Then Now," as you sit back, relax and float down stream. The album finishes with the blossoming sound of "The Blurred Horizon" and the Pink Floydian-style closer "Everything Is Free." To find out more about Tuesday The Sky and their latest release "The Blue Horizon," please visit

Chilean metal band, Criminal are ready to explode with their ninth studio effort titled "Sacrificio," which arrives on September 17 from Metal Blade Records. It features twelve head-bashing anthems, beginning with the speed and aggression of "Live On Your Knees" and "Caged." The chugging riffs of "The Whale" will certainly have you stand up and take notice of this band's large and loud sound. They continue to flex their metal muscle with the thunderous attack of "After Me, The Flood" and "Theocrazy," before wrapping up their new album with the screaming guitars of "Hunter And The Prey" and the hectic chaos of "Ego Killer," which delivers the final blast of adrenaline. To find out more about Criminal and their latest release "Sacrificio," please visit

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