Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Singer/Songwriter Misha Seeff Takes You To "Dreamhaven" On Debut Release

Back on September 17th, teenage singer-songwriter Misha Seeff released his debut album titled "Dreamhaven." His new 15-song release begins with the undeniable pop tones of "Now," as Misha's youthful vocals and bright outlook become very addicting. He digs down deep with the emotional delivery of "April Haze" and rolls out the poetic lyrics of "You And I," which showcase his songwriting skills way beyond his years. Misha brings the energy back with the funky brakes of "Tonight" and "Lamplight," which both have the perfect recipe for mainstream success. This artist is a diamond in the rough just waiting for his moment to shine on the big stage.

The title track "Dreamhaven" is a beautiful ballad, where the lyrics and melody mesh together perfectly. Misha sings straight from the heart in "Boardwalk," as he adds that extra emotional connection to the words, making you feel his experiences. The album finishes with the upbeat, light-hearted fun tones of "Sun Is Shining," along with the dance/pop groove of "Dream" and the gentle closer "Look Around." To find out more about Misha Seeff and his latest release "Dreamhaven," please visit

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful album, with brilliant lyrics. He is certain to
be a hit! Unbelievable for someone his age!
Good luck, Misha we will be watching you!