Saturday, September 11, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music From Lvcifyre, Tentation and the Witnesses

U.K. death metal band, Lvcifyre recently released their new studio album "The Broken Seal" on September 10th, through Dark Decent Records. It features nine electrifying songs, beginning with the growling, high-powered attack of "God Awaits Us," which starts the album off in a heavy metal frenzy. The onslaught continues with thunderous drumming of "Tribe Of Khem" and the lightning speed of "Headless Rite," which makes Lvcifyre one of the must hear bands in the death metal genre. They deviate from the sonic metal blast to deliver the dark, more melodic tone of "Wolves Of The Great Dark," before finishing off their new album with the aggressive nature of "The First Archon" and the seven-plus minute evilness of the "Black Mass." To find out more about Lvcifyre and their latest release "The Broken Seal," please visit

French heavy metal band, Tentation are preparing to release their Gates Of Hell Records debut "Le Berceau Des Dieux," on September 25th. The album features ten tracks, beginning with the guitar frenzy of "L'Exode," which carries a nostalgic, early NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) sound. Tentation delivers some thrash metal riffs with "Le Couvent," along with the solid pounding attack of "Lachute des titans, which highlights the band's early influences. The band's sound comes together on "Taureau D'Airin," sound like a French version of an early Metallica track. Tentation switch gears for the slower, more melodic touch of "Baldr," before closing with the hardcore, sonic blast of "Heavy Metal," featuring guest vocalist from the bands Titan, Iron Slaught and Hexecutor. To find out more about Tentation and their latest release "Le Berceau Des Dieux," please visit

Doom-metal giants Witnesses are ready to return with their latest epic piece "The Collapse" on October 31st. Even though it only features six tracks, the music takes you on a journey, beginning with the eerie sounds of "Entrance," which led you down the path of the slow-burn of the title-track "The Collapse." The band's extends their sound with the eight-minute "Repose," which keeps the listener involved throughout the entire musical journey. After a short, melodic "Interlude," Witnesses wrap up their new album with the mellow, eleven-minute prog-metal piece "They Giveth And Taketh Away" and the doom metal buzz of "It Will Come For You, It Comes For Everyone." To find out more about Witnesses and their latest release "The Collapse," please visit

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