Monday, September 13, 2021

New Jazz Music From Trombonists Jared Dubin, Peter Tijerina and Altin Sencalar

Jazz trombonist/composer Jared Dubin is ready to release his new album "Excuses, Excuses" on September 24th, through NextLevel, an imprint of the Outside In Music record label. The album was recorded nearly a decade ago, as Jared and his band were still get comfortable with one another. The new nine-song release begins with the instant energy of "The Breaks," as you are introduced to Jared's leadership and musical skills. The music continues to swing with the odd time signatures of "Ain't No Thang," while "Time Apart" just floats on by as you relax and relish in the band's wonderful jazz sounds. Jared Dubin incorporates some smooth blues work into the flowing melody of "Worry Go Round," before finishing with energetic runs of the title track "Excuses, Excuses" and the bright, uptempo runs of "Martial Law." To find out more about Jared Dubin and his latest release "Excuses, Excuses," please visit

Fellow trombonist Peter Tijerina is also preparing the release of his debut studio album "Just Yesterday" on Outside In Music. It features ten tracks, beginning with the cool, swinging, energetic sounds of "It Could Happen To You" and the fun, light-hearted melody of "Lovely." The mood shifts with the slow pace of "In 'N Out Blues," as Peter stands tall during his solo pieces. The tempo picks back up with the wonderful, full band involvement of "It One Or The Other," before wrapping up the album with the beautiful melody of "Stardust" and the high-powered closer "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big," which just carries that timeless charm. To find out more about Peter Tijerina and his latest release "Just Yesterday," please visit

One final release comes from jazz trombonist Altin Sencalar titled "Reconnected." It was released back in August and finds the Mexican- born musician weaving together different traditions to create a unique sound that represents his multifaceted background. Altin starts out his new eight-song album with the solo piece "Chance," as his performance sets the stage with his melodic trombone notes. The energy picks up with the loose, jam session feel of "Links," before the rest of the band have their spotlight to shine on "A Modern Memory." The tempo slows down for the emotional flow of "Tenderly," as Altin makes each note a step toward relaxation and calmness. The album finishes with the full band delivering the swinging jam session numbers "Reaching Out For More" and "Reconnected." To find out more about Altin Sencalar and his latest release "Reconnected," please visit

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