Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Music Arriving From The Royal Hounds And Tom Rodwell

The Royal Hounds are a staple around the Nashville club circuit with two weekly residencies. Their brand of country mixes honky-tonk and rockabilly to create a good time, which is heard on their new studio album "A Whole Lot Of Nothin'." It is The Royal Hounds 5th album and will be released on October 15th and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the blazing rocker "Cheap Drunk," which get things moving quickly right from the opening notes. The album continues with the nostalgic, light-hearted swinging pace of "I Just Can't Two Step" and the bluesy sting of "I Got A Whole Lot (Of Nothin')." The Royal Hounds go straight-up country with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of "Krismastofferson" and then pick up the tempo with the swift-moving "I Hope You Go To Hell." Their classic, honky-tonk sound returns with "Invitation To Be Lonely," before finishing the album with the fun, sing-along polka "Bring Out The Barrel Of Beer" and the only slow, country ballad "The Jukebox Is Broken," along with the short guitar boogie of "Dead Guy's Blues." To find out more about The Royal Hounds and their latest release "A Whole Lot Of Nothin'," please visit theroyalhounds.com.

The following week, on October 22nd arrives the new album from blues artist, Tom Rodwell titled "Wood & Waste." It features nine new tracks, beginning with the slow, steady blues of "Don't Be A Fugitive All Your Life," as Tom peels of some sweet guitar licks during the solo. He continues the album with the shuffle rhythm of "Keep On Knockin'," as the lyrics feel like an afterthought to the great guitar-work featured through out the song. Tom gets the energy flowing through the driving pace of "Touch Me Like A Teddybear," as he once again puts his guitar skills on display. He mixes in a calypso/island melody with "She's Go Me Boiling" and adds a bossa-nova beat to the gentle sway of "Make Believe," before closing with the gentle, ambient melody of "Dead End Road. To find out more about Tom Rodwell and his latest release "Wood & Waste," please visit tomrodwell.com.

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