Thursday, September 2, 2021

New Music Arriving From Tas Cru, Plus Al Ross & The Planets Release "Blue Crystal"

London-based band, Al Ross & The Planets are finally releasing their new album "Blue Crystal" on September 10th. The album was recorded back in January 2020 at Abbey Road Studios, but the pandemic put a holt on mixing, releasing and touring in support of the album. So finally, when they were able to finish the album this past May, the world had changed and the band had a difficult time getting into the studio with new safety protocols in place. Some session musicians were hired to help complete the music and is now presented in its complete form, beginning with nearly seven-minute epic opener "Crossroads," which includes a great, funky little jam to break-up the songs gospel-like chorus. Al Ross & The Planets bring the southern country sounds of the U.S. overseas to the U.K. with the swagger of "Something Changed My Mind," before the blues of "Blue Crystal" explodes with a powerful guitar and brass solo. The vocals and music perfectly blend on the addictive, inspirational tone of "In The Middle Of The Night," while "Checkin' Out The Vibe" is a positive jolt of nostalgic rock and roll. Al Ross & The Planets wrap up their new album with the bluesy ballad "Sweet Memories Of You." To find out more about Al Ross & The Planets and their latest release Blue Crystal," please visit

Singer, songwriter Tas Cru brings his Americana, blues style to his latest release titled "Broke Down And Busted Up." This new eleven-track release digs deep into the roots of nostalgic country music with the opener "Where Do We Go," highlighted by a smooth dance of guitar and fiddle during the solo. The rhythm of the title track "Broke Down And Busted Up" gets a little funky, before the band just jam with all the instruments meshing together perfectly. They keep the tempo flowing with the southern blues feel of "Be My Strength," before slowing down for the jazzed-up piano ballad "All Stays The Same," led by the smooth warming vocals of Mary Ann Casale. Tas Cru delivers a New Orleans-style blues with "So Damn Hard To Like," before finishing off the album with the quiet, emotion-fueled "Write Me My Own." To find out more about Tas Cru and his latest release "Broke Down And Busted Up," please visit

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