Monday, September 6, 2021

New Releases From Punk Icons Anti-Flag & Legendary Post-Punk Band Chrome

American punk icons, Anti-Flag are ready to revisit the past with their latest release "17 Song Demo," which was only previously available on cassette and scored the band a deal with the Bay Area punk label New Red Archives. This new release will be available for the first time on CD and vinyl and features early rough versions of some of the band's most well-known early tracks like "Red, White And Brainwashed" and "Drink Drank Punk." This demo was recorded back in 1992 (four years before their debut album "Die For The Government" and features 18 songs (10 of which have never appeared on any Anti-Flag album). The band early, raw energy is instantly present in songs like "They Don't Protect You" and "Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene," while the addictive nature of their songs will instantly get lodged into your brain. Shouts of "kill, kill, kill" have become a political anthem for "Kill The Rich," as Anti-Flag were against the government's choices even back in the early nineties. You can't help but get wrapped up in the sonic blast of "Daddy's Wearing Mommy's Clothing" and "You'd Do The Same," which also carries that classic British punk vibe. The new release closes with the rough chaos of "5 Minutes" and stellar cover of Mission To Burma's "That's When I Reach For My Revolver." Anti-Flag also have a new documentary out titled "Beyond Barricades: The Story Of Anti-Flag," along with a U.S. tour starting September 14th. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new "17 Song Demo" release, please visit

The post-punk band, Chrome have returned with a brand new studio album titled "Scaropy," which was released back in August on Cleopatra Records. The new twelve song release begins with the grinding guitars of the title track "Scaropy," as you are locked-in for one hell of a sonic ride. The energy picks up with the frenzy of "H Of Spades," with muffled vocals and shrieking guitars," while "Terminate" has a more electronic feel, as you are taken further down the rabbit hole of Chrome's experimental mind. The rawness of "Hello Sunshine" will have you peeling back the layers of sound, along with the intense, hard rock attack of "Night Nurse." The band post-punk sound is extremely present in the power of "An Open Letter," before Chrome finish up their new album with the modernized New Wave vibe of "They're Coming To Get You" and the classic, straight-up punk attack of "The Opposition." To find out more about Chrome and their latest release "Scaropy," please visit

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