Saturday, September 25, 2021

Prepare For The Arrival Of New Albums From Trivium and Eyes Wide Open

Arriving October 8th from Roadrunner Records is the 10th studio album from American heavy metal band, Trivium titled "In The Court Of The Dragon." This quickly follows on the heels of their 2020 album "What The Dead Men Say," as the band were still quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new ten track release begins with the rising instrumental "X," which then explodes with the intensity of the title song "In The Court Of The Dragon," as the band sound pissed, having been restricted from touring for so long. Trivium speed things up even more with the aggressive pounding of "Like A Sword Over Damocles," as their songwriting has excelled to new heights. The album's second single "Feast Of Fire" carries a more melodic metal tone that displays the band's decades of experience creating great heavy metal riffs and adrenaline fueled rhythms. Trivium also deliver a great progressive metal piece with the seven-plus minutes of "The Shadow Of The Abattior," before wrapping up their new album with the concise, hardcore feel of "No Way Back Just Through" and the extended, high-powered attack of "The Phalanx." Trivium are currently on tour in the U.S., before heading overseas in November. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "In The Court Of The Dragon," please visit

Swedish four-piece metal band, Eyes Wide Open are preparing for the November 12th release of their new studio album "Through Life And Death." The new album features twelve tracks, beginning with instrumental piece "World On Fire," which sets the stage for the deathcore metal attack of the album's lead single "Devastation." The pace quickens with the even more intense delivery of "Fallout" and the equally quick-moving "End Of Days," which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The marching beats of "Through Life And Death" feels like the band's new anthem, as a call to arms for their fans. The music just explodes out of the speakers for "Eraser," before Eyes Wide Open finish off their new album with the extreme chaotic sounding "Wildfire" and the raw energy of "Echoes." To find out more about Eyes Wide Open and their latest release "Through Life And Death," please visit

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