Saturday, October 2, 2021

Rock Out To New Music From Danny Danzi and Heartland

After an 18-year break, American rock artist Danny Danzi returns with his latest work titled "Tribulations." His new 15-song album was released on September 24th through Escape Music Ltd. and continues right where he left off, with the high-powered, high-energy run of "Accountable" and the more bluesy-sounding "Don't." This album has been ten years in the making and considered a concept album by Danny, along with his drummer Guy DeFalco and bassist Joe DeFalco, based on obstacles they have overcome in their life. Danny continues to raise the bar (and volume) with the intense rockers "It Is What It Is" and "Restitution," along with the edgier feel of "American Dream." The trio tries to portray a positive message with "Hangin' On," which also includes some stellar harmonies and electrifying solos. Danny Danzi closes his new album with the heavy metal pounding, hard rock attack of "Shameless" and "Help Me Out," along with the deep emotional delivery of "Forever." To find out more about Danny Danzi and his latest release "Tribulations," please visit

Also on the horizon from Escape Music Ltd., is the latest release from Heartland titled "Into The Future." It features a dozen new tracks, as the band enter their third decade of existence. The new album kicks off with the exciting, progressive feel of "A Foreign Land," as vocalist Chris Ousey still sounds amazing, hitting all the high notes with ease. The intensity picks up with the chugging pace of "Caught Up," along with the timeless hard rock feel of "A Dangerous Game." Heartland's raw, grittier sound is presented in "Not Guilty," as the band match Chris' energy with some exceptional riffs. The album finishes with the swift, heavy pounding of "Bolt From The Blue" and the magical, nostalgic rock feel of "When The Band Plays." To find out more about Heartland and their latest release "Into The Future," please visit

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