Wednesday, December 2, 2020

New Music From Independent Artists J. Holiday, Roderick Harper and Sam Alty

R&B star, J. Holiday returns with a brand-new studio album titled "Baecation." It has been six years since his last studio album and during that time away, J. Holiday has been creating one the his most sensual albums of his career. His new twelve-song release begins with the acapella/doo-wop tones of "Don't Wanna Lose" and the sexual ballad "On Your Body," in order to get you in the mood for the next 45-minutes of pleasure. He keeps things mellow with the slow groove of the title-song "Baecation" and "Why You Came," before delivering a modernized reggae version of "Dem Belly Full." He mixes in a hip-hop vibe with his R&B sound on "Magic" and "Problem," before J. Holiday finishes off his new album with smooth dance beats of "Whatcha Say" and stellar singing of "Hydro." The CD release also includes a pair of bonus tracks, the addictive R&B/pop sound of "Bed" and the mellow flow of "Suffocate." To find out more about J. Holiday's new album "Baecation," please visit

Next, we have the new album from New Orleans-based soul singer Roderick Harper titled "Evolving." It features a dozen tracks that include appearances from some special guests, like the late piano legend Ellis Marsalis, jazz sax icon Donald Harrison and vocalist/drummer Jamison Ross. The album begins with the smooth, swinging tempo of "Infinite Heart," which introduces you to Harper's warm, silky vocals. The soft, subtle touch of "Never Let Me Go" is highlighted by the beautiful piano work of Ellis Marsalis, while the dreams of racial justice is heard loud and clear on the emotional ballad "Someday We'll All Be Free." Roderick Harper picks up the tempo with the nostalgic sounds of "The Great City" and let his voice be his instrument with the wonderful skat-singing of "Valsa Minera." You will simply melt, listening to Harper's velvet voice on "In Summer," before he closes his new album with the loose, upbeat, New Orleans jazz flavor of "Salty Dog" and the final nod to his home with the graceful approach of "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans." To find out more about Roderick Harper and his latest release "Evolving," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from New Zealand singer/songwriter Sam Alty. His new album titled "The Call Of The Black Cat" features eleven tracks, beginning with the slowly evolving sea chant "Where The Sea Meets The Land." The starkness of his music in songs like "Flowers" and "Madaea" allows you to focus fully on his vocals, while the beautiful acoustics of "If I Had A Body" gives full support and emotion to the words. Sam has fun with the island vibe of "Naked Song," which is more in need during this deep, serious set of songs. He wraps up his new album with the stunning blues vibe of "Null" and the politicall charged, acoustic folk style of "Tin Soldier." To find out more about Sam Alty and his latest release "The Call Of The Black Cat," please visit

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Universal Music & Island Records Boxes Up Amy Winehouse's Albums For "The Collection"

Arriving December 4th, are a pair of new releases featuring the immortal Amy Winehouse. For fans of CDs comes the five-disc box set titled simply "The Collection." It features both of Amy's studio albums ("Frank" and "Back To Black"), along with the studio outtakes album "Lioness: Hidden Treasures." Also, included for the first time on CD is her full-length official live album "Live In London (Live From Shepherd's Bush Empire, 2007)," which was only previously released on DVD/Blu-ray, and as part of the vinyl box set of "The Collection." The fifth disc in the set, making it's official debut on any format is the fifteen-track filled "Remixes" CD. It features remixes of the singles from Amy Winehouse's "Frank" and "Back To Black" albums. Many of these songs have been featured at B-sides or on import versions and some include guests like Jay-Z on "Rehab" and Ghostface Killah on "You Know I'm No Good." This disc alone will show how great Amy's voice was and can be place with jazz music, as well as club beats to create a timeless sound.

Now, for fans of vinyl, the Amy Winehouse release "12x7" is the box set for you. It features twelve of Amy Winehouse's 7-inch singles, along with their original B-sides. The set includes each single housed in its own individual picture sleeve, as well as a 20-page lyrical booklet and a set of art cards. Many of the B-sides in this set are exclusive songs that did not appear on the original albums, like "What It Is," Amy's cover of Thelonious Monk's "Round Midnight" and her ska version of "Monkey Man." This vinyl set also has Amy Winehouse's version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," which was originally performed live for BBC Radio and released for the first time as single in this set. To find out more about these two new box sets from Amy Winehouse, please visit

Monday, November 30, 2020

John Fogerty Brings His Family Together To Perform Classic Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs & More

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer John Fogerty took advantage of his time self-quarantining from the COVID-19 virus by creating a new studio album with his family. The new release titled "Fogerty's Factory" features John, along with his sons Shane and Tyler, along with his daughter Kelsey performing some of dad's classics like "Centerfield," "Proud Mary" and "Bad Moon Rising." What began as a way to pass the time by creating YouTube videos (, became a new full-length studio album that was released on November 20th through BMG Records. A vinyl version of the album will be released in January 2021.

The new twelve song album begins with a live version of "Centerfield," performed at an empty Dodger Stadium (home of the World Series Champions), by John Fogerty and his family for his 75th birthday on May 28th. This iconic track is followed by a great acoustic version of the Creedence Clearwater Review (CCR) classic "Have You Ever Seen The Rain," performed for The Colbert Show. John's vocals sound as strong and timeless as they ever have. Then John gets his family involved, beginning with with politically charged "Lean On Me," which is perfectly appropriate now as when it was originally released back in 1972 by the late, great Bill Withers. Then Fogerty and his family breathe new life into the CCR deep tracks with the upbeat "Hot Rod Heart" and "Tombstone Shadow," before slowing down for the sweet, gentle strumming of "City Of New Orleans." The album closes with a pair of CCR hits ("Bad Moon Rising" and "Fortunate Son") performed for a live broadcast ("The Fogerty Rockin' Family Hour") on SiriusXM radio, along with "Don't You Wish It Was True," a song about positivity and coming together to conquer the evils in the world. To find out more about John Fogerty and his new family album "Fogerty's Factory," please visit

Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Releases From Progressive Rock Legends Kevin Godley, Jon Anderson and Bill Bruford

Back in 2017, singer/songwriter/drummer Kevin Godley (10CC) started up a PledgeMusic campaign for fans to send him music that he would in turn create songs, by adding words and melodies. Godley received almost 300 pieces of music in just over two years. Before the project could be completed, PledgeMusic declared bankruptcy, so Kevin Godley took 11 of those songs to create a new album titled "Muscle Memory," which will be released on December 17th. The songs appear on the album in chronological order of when they were released, beginning with the addictive, new wave, pop/rock tone of "Expecting A Message," and the gentler touch of the sweeping ballad "The Ghosts Of The Living." Godley feels most at ease during the rhythm-filled melody of "The Bang Bang Theory," as the lyrics aim toward this current presidential run. Another emotional ballad is highlighted by the piano melody of "5 Minutes Alone," before returning to the rock approach of "Cut To The Cat," which sounds like an outtake from a modern David Bowie album. Kevin Godley closes out his new album with his most recent tracks, the six-minute progressive rock piece "Periscope" and the stark, quiet touch of "Bulletholes In The Sky." To find out more about Kevin Godley and his latest release "Muscle Memory," please visit

Jon Anderson, founding member of the legendary rock band YES, recently released a new remastered and expanded version of his 1980 solo album "Song Of Seven." The album was recorded and released during his first break from YES and included musical guests like Jack Bruce (Cream) and Simon Phillips (Toto). It reached the top 40 on the U.K. album charts and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, it was newly remastered from the original Atlantic Records master tapes and includes the two U.S. single edits of the songs "Some Are Born" and "Heart Of The Matter." Anderson's iconic voice is what makes this album shine, as he looked to develop a more pop approach to his music, compared to what YES was producing in the studio. Just listen to the addictive melody of songs like "Some Are Born" and "Everybody Loves You," but he still included a prog-rock masterpiece with the eleven-minute rising melody of "Song Of Seven." To find out more about this new 40th anniversary edition of Jon Anderson's "Song Of Seven" album, please visit

Former YES and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford is unleashing a new deluxe CD/DVD edition of his 1979 BBC recording "Rock Goes To College." This live album was recorded only days after the band existed and was held in the archives until its official release on CD in 2006. This new deluxe reissue of the album was overseen by Bruford himself and includes a DVD of the only concert footage that exists of the line-up of this band, which included Allan Holdsworth, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and Annette Peacock. Rediscover the wonderous musical pieces like part one and two of the adventurous "The Sahara Of Snow" and the energetic prog-rock numbers "Back To The Beginning" and "5G." To find out more about this newly releases deluxe edition of Bill Bruford's "Rock Goes To College" album, please visit

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Discover New Experimental Music From RareNoise Records Artists The End and J. Peter Schwalm

Experimental jazz fusion band, The End recently released their new full-length release "Allt Ar Intet," which translates to "All Is Nothingness." This is the band's second album and includes only six tracks, but your mind and ears will be begging for more, as we begin with an old traditional blues hymn "It Hurts Me Too." Vocalist Sofia Jernberg pours all of her emotions into this performance of the song, as the strumming of strings and a slight hint of a rhythm lays down the backdrop of this slightly odd, but wonderous song. Then the band explodes with the sonic blast of "Dark Wish (To Per Henrik Wallin)," which almost sounds like if Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and the Plastic Ono Band had a musical baby together. There seems to be more of a basis of the song with "Intention And Release," as your ears are full of melody, listening to what his happening with the music. The End wrap up their new album with the funky, all-out rock approach of "Allt Ar Intet," along with the fun sound experiments of the album closer "Imani." To find out more about The End and their latest release "Allt Ar Intet," please visit

Also new from RareNoise Records is the latest release titled "Neuzeit" from German electro-acoustic composer J. Peter Schwalm. It features eight tracks, which finds Schwalm teaming up with musician/vocalist Arve Henriksen to create some truly unique music, beginning with the soft jazz touch of "Blutezeit," as the music trends lightly along. This album was created, almost entirely, as a result of the pandemic that began to take over the world in February. Subtle notes and pulsating beats lay down the groundwork for "Suchzeit," while the experimentation of voice and electronic melody in the title-track "Neuzeit" gives off a futurist feel to the music. The atmospheric, airy touch of "Schonzeit" allows your mind to relax and get lost within this musical adventure. J. Peter Schwalm finishes his new album with the more emotional jazz fusion piece "Wellenzeit" and the subtle, mellow touch of "Zeitnah," highlighted by Arve Henriksen's emotional horns. To find out more about J. Peter Schwalm and his latest release "Neuzeit," please visit