Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Two Classic Albums From Legendary Comedian Richard Pryor

Arriving February 26th, from Omnivore Recordings, are two new expanded reissues of comedian Richard Pryor's first two albums, "Richard Pryor" and "Craps (After Hours)." Richard Pryor was a comedian's comedian. He held nothing back when he delivered his brand of humor. He released his first album in 1968, after already making regular appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Merc Griffin Show." Pryor's debut release was recorded at the Troubadour in West Hollywood and only featured thirty minutes of his act, which included everything for farting, to girls panties, to a black superhero. Pryor's delivery was honest and truthful and raw. This new reissue includes a second disc of Richard Pryor's material, which was recorded at different clubs throughout California and first appeared on the out-of-print "Evolution/Revolution (1968-1974)" set. This new addition adds 70 more minutes of Pryor's stellar comedy, discussing birth control, asking for directions and of course the story of "Hank's Place." The quality changes slightly with each recording, but all of the jokes are top notch and showcase Pryor's spot-on deliver.

It would be three years for Richard Pryor to release his second album "Craps (After Hours)" in 1971. The album was recorded live at the Redd Foxx Club in Hollywood and showcases how Pryor's material got more raw and raunchy. He would jump right into his relationship with his wife, how they would fight and gave every joke a spin about being black and going against the "white man." It was cutting edge comedy 50 years ago, which definitely paved the way for comedians today to just be themselves and not censor their work. This new reissue of the "Craps (After Hours)" album includes seventeen minutes of bonus material, which also appeared on the "Evolution/Revolution (1968-1974)" set. His delivery of "Wino & Junkie" is pure Richard Pryor at his best, while also discussing and giving his honest insight about "Attica" on a radio show. To find out more about these two new reissues of Richard Pryor's early albums, please visit

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Let's Go Surfin' Now With New Music From Los Dedos and The Breakers

It's time to go surfin', with a pair of new EPs from new comers Los Dedos and The Breakers. Los Dedos is a surf instrumental trio that hails from Bristol, UK and they are releasing their self-titled debut album on March 3rd. This new five song EP brings you the classic surf style guitar work of Dick Dale on the opening track "Crime Wave." Los Dedos take their time on the more melodic, dark tone of "Midnight Hustle," while "The Bat" is a shot of pure adrenaline, drawing similarities to The Ventures. Los Dedos wrap up their new album with the laid back tone of "High & Dry," along with the quick-hitting "Panic Buy." To find out more about Los Dedos and their new self-titled release, please visit

Another surf instrumental trio with a new album is The Breakers with "A Date With Destiny." It is the band's third release, since forming in Chicago in 2018. Their new seven-song album begins with the guitar wizardry effects of "Sub-Marine Time Machine," as the band create their own style of surf instrumentals. The album continues with the more traditional west coast stylings of "Turbulence," along with the raw, nostalgic sounds of "Big Question Mark." The Breakers finish their new album with the uplifting, floating melody of the title track "A Date With Destiny" and the rhythm-fueled garage rock attack of "Po'ino." To find out more about The Breakers and their latest release "A Date With Destiny,"  please visit

Monday, February 22, 2021

Blackmore's Night Finds "Nature's Light" With New Release & Saxon Pays Homage With "Inspirations"

Arriving March 12th from legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore is the new album from his latest endeavor, Blackmore's Night. The new release titled "Nature's Light" is the band's 11th studio album and their first set of new music in six years. Right from the opening notes of "Once Upon A December," Blackmore and his merry band of minstrels lay down the perfect backdrop for lead singer, Candice Night to tells us a tale of a frigid winter long ago. While the band's Renaissance sound is still present on "Four Winds," their is also a touch of acoustic rock making its first appearance on the new album. The tempo picks up with the swift movement of "Feather In The Wind," before the earthly acoustics of "The Twisted Oak" are the perfect match to Candice's soothing vocals. The title-song "Nature's Light" feels like an medieval announcement with it brush, grand chorus, while "Wish You Were Here" is a poetic ballad that fills you with emotions. Blackmore's Night close out their new album with the uplifting tone of "Going To The Faire" and the six-minute epic piece which finally allows you enjoy the magnificent work of guitarist extraordinaire during his electrifying solo. To find out more about Blackmore's Night and their latest release "Nature's Light," please visit

Another legendary act releasing new album is the British heavy metal band Saxon and their newest release "Inspirations." This is the band's 23rd studio album during their illustrious 44 year career and this one pays homage to some of their favorite songs with a full-on covers album. The new eleven-song set begins with a raw, crunching version of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," which gives the classic song a shot of adrenaline. Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is the perfect fit for Saxon to cover, as the band perform a perfect rendition of this high-powered classic. Saxon add heavy metal speed to The Beatles' "Paperback Writer," taking the song's energy up another notch, while Motorhead's "Bomber" is perfectly executed by lead singer Biff Byford and the band. One of the most pleasant surprises on this new set of cover songs is their version of Toto's "Hold The Line," which adds another dimension to the band's hard-hitting, guitar riff-infused sound. Saxon finish their new album with the hard-edged strut of AC/DC's "Problem Child" and a muscled-up power ballad version of The Kinks' "See My Friends." To find out more about Saxon and their latest release "Inspirations," please visit

Sunday, February 21, 2021

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Trial, Cult Of Luna and IOTUNN

During these cold winter months, Metal Blade Records rolled out a few hot new releases from Trial (swe), Cult Of Luna and IOTUNN. Following their 2018 tour with fellow label mates RAM and Portrait, Trial (swe) parted ways with longtime lead singer Linus Johansson and brought in former Air Raid lead singer Arthur Andersson to take his place. To introduce the new singer to the heavy metal world during this tough time, Trial (swe) decided to release a new, short two-song EP titled "Sisters Of The Moon." The title and lead song are a cover of the Fleetwood Mac single of the same name, with Trial (swe) adding an extra joint of adrenaline with their duel guitar line-up. Andersson fits in perfectly to this line-up, adding a fresh new life to their music. The other song on this release is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Die Young" (originally sung by Ronnie James Dio), as Tiral (swe) do their best to give the song it's proper heavy metal respect. To find out more about this latest release from Trial (swe), please visit

Another new introduction comes from the Swedish metal band, Cult Of Luna. They have a new sub-label titled, Red Creek Recordings and the debut release from the label is a new five-song EP from the band titled "The Raging River." It begins with the eight-minute epic metal number "Three Bridges," hits hard with pounding drums, growling vocals and adrenaline-fueled guitar riffs. Cult Of Luna keep the attack growling with the doom metal appeal of "What I Leave Behind," while "I Remember" showcases more of the band's musical technical side. The album closes with twelve-minute journey to the band's progressive metal side with the more melodic metal appeal of "Wave After Wave." To find out more about Cult Of Luna and their latest release "The Raging River," please visit

Arriving February 26th is the latest album from the Danish metal act IOTUNN titled "Access All Worlds." The band states that they finally feel complete on this new seven-song release, as they showcase every side to their hardcore metal sound. The chugging guitars of "Voyage Of The Garganey I" motors the songs' intense sound with Jon Aldara' vocals rising above the attack. IOTUNN display a more progressive sound with the nearly twelve-minute epic "Access All Worlds," while "Waves Below" has a more mainstream metal sound that will turn you into an instant fan of the band. The band speeds the tempo up even more during sections of "The Tower Of Cosmic Nihility," before finishing with the melodic undertone of "Safe Across The Endless Night," which only adds to the band's already high level of musicianship. To find out more about IOTUNN and their latest release "Access All Worlds," please visit

Saturday, February 20, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music From Newcomers Coronary, Sleepless, Lunar Shadow and Herzel

Finnish metal squad, Coronary just recently released their full-length debut album titled "Sinbad" through Cruz Del Sur Music. It features ten tracks that capture that nostalgic early days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound, beginning with the high-powered attack of the title-track "Sinbad." Chugging guitar riffs and swift heavy metal drumming is what Coronary is all about, as they bring the energy to tracks like "Firewings" and "Reflector." The rawness of their sound is definitely present on "Burnout," which draws up similarity to early Saxon. Coronory close out their new album with the dark, simmering tone of "Mestengo" and the aggressive pounding of "Wonders Of The World" to finish off on a heavy metal high. To find out more about Coronary and their latest release "Sinbad," please visit

Speaking of classic metal, members of 80's death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy have teamed up with guitarist, singer, producer Kevin Hahn to create the new band, Sleepless. They are preparing to release a new four-song EP titled "Blood Libel," which arrives March 12th through Necromantic Press Records. The trio kick things off with a renewed energy displayed in "The Man Who Could Not Sleep," as they capture your attention with raw emotion and never let it go. They speed things up with the quick-hitting attack of "Host Desecration," before wrapping up their new, short release with the classic death metal sound of "Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale)." To find out more about Sleepless and their latest release "Blood Libel," please visit

Also arriving in March from Cruz Del Sur Records is the latest release from Germany's indie-hard rock band Lunar Shadow. Their new album "Wish To Leave" includes only six tracks, but begins and ends with two, epic progressive rock pieces that will have you want more extended musical piece from this band. They take their time building up the energy on the nearly eight-minute "Serpents Die," which showcases a band that is much more experienced beyond their years together. Lunar Shadow delivers a nostalgic hard rock vibe with the addictive sounds of "I Will Lose You" and the more intense approach of "And Silence Screamed," before finishing with the ten-minute sonic journey of "The Darkness Between The Stars." To find out more about Lunar Shadow and their latest release "Wish To Leave," please visit

The French epic-metal band Herzel will finally release their full-length debut album "Le Dernier Rempart" on March 19th through Gates Of Hell Records. It features only six tracks, beginning with the over eight-minute "Maitres de I'ocean," which is sung in their native language, along with the high-energy music makes this and international release that needs to be heard. Herzel flex their heavy metal muscle on the quick-hitting attack of "La Flamme" and "L'epee des Dieux," before finishing with the more melodic, guitar riff infused adventurous closer "L'ultime Combat." To find out more about Herzel and their latest release "Le Dernier Rempart," please visit